Interior lights

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Interior lights

Post by vlad » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:07 pm

What do these 2 switches do ?
dino interior switches.JPG
With the ignition off - the switch on the left turns on the lights at either end of the dashboard and the interior light above the mirror - and that's it !

If I switch the switch on the right it switches the lights that have been switched on with the switch on the left off!

…….and that seems to be it!

What should these 2 switches be doing?

Also the 4 slit? lights in the dash (2 above these switches & 2 below) that would illuminate the centre console don't ever seem to come on.

Any idea how they should work ? (are they at all related to the switches above?)


The dials in the dash all illuminate OK with the headlight lights on, should those centre console lights come on with them?

Many thanks

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Re: Interior lights

Post by ThomasK » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:55 pm

Should ne described in the Manual. Normally the Interior Lights where switched on when you Open the door. The Lights you described but also the rear Interior Lights. If you want to have your Doors Open but Mo Interior Lights on push the "Dark bulb switch". If you want to have Interior Lights on when Doors are closed, The Other Button. Makes sense and is a useful functionality.

The Four Lights you mention to Illuminate the switch and heater panel should be in when you have Lights (outside lights) on, same as Illumination of instruments. Nur tjey are very weak, maybe you dont eben notice that the are on. Using LEDs makes it s bit better.

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Re: Interior lights

Post by Dario » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:24 pm

The turn off light switch is very useful when you have the front hood open. There is a switch there that turns on the light in the engine compartment when the lights are on. But, can also turn on the lights inside, daring your battery if you leave the hood open . Maybe my car is wired weirdly and not all later coupés do this, but it is handy to turn off all the lights when the doors are open!

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