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Re: which wheels

Post by vlad » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:38 pm

Hi Vlad, could you tell us how the Coupe is to drive/ behaves with the 16" wheels?
I was running the 16" prior to the restore that is now nearing an end, so at that time the suspension was very worn.

So I don't think I can give a very objective view of handling as such, it went down the road OK , but I always cornered quite gently due to the worn suspension, I never really pushed it.
Slow speed turning (parking was very heavy ) exacerbated by the wider rubber I suspect.

What I will do when I get the old girl back (suspension has been totally overhauled) will be to do a back to back comparision with the current 16" and my new 14" Campanaglos with Perilli CN 36's

(probably be this summer though before I get around to it now , with the British winter approaching :D !

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