Problem with cam timing chain 1967 2000 Dino coupe

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Re: Problem with cam timing chain 1967 2000 Dino coupe

Post by bhiggins2 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:28 am

I have the manual with timing specifications on page 21. I want to first get the valve clearances set correctly before I have to change clearances to 0.5 mm [as you said, I just need to do it for one cylinder on each bank] to degree in the cams. I have a spare 2000 engine, so I have a few valve shims in the 2-3 mm range, but will likely have to place another order for more valve shims. I'll have to see what I need after I receive my latest order of parts arrives and I get them installed. I saw the degree wheel at Dinoparts. How does it attach - magnets? Ben

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Re: Problem with cam timing chain 1967 2000 Dino coupe

Post by dinoverde » Wed Sep 16, 2020 5:36 pm

the degree wheel goes over the crank pulley and is held in place by small allen screws that keep pressure on the outside crank pulley..
The big advantage with later cam followers is that you do not need to remove the cams to replace the shims(shims on top of cam followers)
In your case you will have to make your own marks in front after you degree in the cams.. so you can remove the .50mm shims after you degree the cams and can put them back in the correct spot..much work.. you might want to think about updating to the later cam followers and install the updated chain tensioner(if you need a couple of the later chain tensioners..i believe i have some) i also have some good camshaft and pockets..

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