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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:06 am
by Dinofanwim
Ciao tutti,

Sono Olandese. Parlo solamente un poco Italiano. ;)
I started to learn the Italian language because after I finished my college (College of Aeronautical & Automobile Engineering Chelsea London) in 1970, I was supposed to join Abarth. I even had a talk with sign. Carlo Scagliarini at the premises in the Corso Marche, not too far away from the Fiat plant Mirafiori!
All my life has turned around cars, so besides rebuilding a 2.0 l and a 2.4l Dino Coupé, I also started to write a book about my life, as well as a book about Dino.

Btw A Dino Coupé is a beautifull creation by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and was only built by Bertone!
Giurgetto was also responsable for the design of a.o. beautifull creations like a special body Ferrari 250GT SWB, Lamborghini Miura (initial sketches), DeLorean DMC-12, BMW M1,etc.
The hand of the master is unmistakenly present in so many designs. What a shame that he retired from car designing! I believe that a lot of todays designers should have a good look at the creations of Italdesign!

This does not mean that other designers have my interest, but like everybody, you are entitled to have your favourites!
Just to name a few more known designers: Pinin Farina, Frua, Tom Tjaarda, Gandini, Vignale, Fissore, Frua, and one that certainly should not be forgotten is our beloved Alfre"Dino"!

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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:52 pm
by Guzzi
Signor Wim,

dal Australia, benvenuti alla famiglia Dino


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Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:22 am
by Dinofanwim
Grazie Pietro,

My Dino love started in 1968 when my Father had one of the very first Dino's ever imported in The Netherlands. It was a non-metallic blue 2.0l Dino Coupé with dark red seats and dark blue carpet. Several months after delivery, the Dinoplex ignition was sent to the dealer as an upgrade. The engine noise was absolutely stunning and roadholding and brakes were fantastic. With the 2 Dino's I posess now, I will try to revive memories from the past, and the 2.4 l I will try to make even better as its original state. I will post details and pictures of the first project in due course and hope that I will be able to continue the projects that are in my mind.